Thomas Müller Interview mit der Times

Times Interview with Thomas Müller

Times: „Thomas, a warm welcome. We’ve heard that Harry Kane has landed in Munich. What was the first thing you did together?“

Müller: „Ah, hello! Well, the very first thing we did was try to teach him to pronounce ‚Guten Tag‘ without sounding like he’s ordering a fancy dessert. But jokes aside, we just had a good chat about football and our club.“

Times: „Did you introduce him to any Bavarian traditions?“

Müller: „Absolutely! I told him that before every training session, we dance the traditional Bavarian Schuhplattler. He believed me for a good five minutes! But yes, I’ve promised him a proper Weißwurst breakfast soon.“

Times: „The city must be quite different from London. What advice did you give him?“

Müller: „I told him Munich is like London but with Lederhosen. And that if he ever gets lost, just look for the biggest beer mug and he’ll find his way back.“

Times: „There’s a lot of anticipation from fans. Any words for them?“

Müller: „To our fans, I’d say: Let’s give Harry a proper Bavarian welcome. And to the English fans: Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of him. Maybe even teach him a yodel or two!“

Times: „Thank you, Thomas. It’s always a pleasure.“

Müller: „Anytime! And if you’re around, join us for that Weißwurst breakfast. Tschüss!“

Natürlich eine Satire

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